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The last in a set of ten EBKMAA Yudansha (senior martial artist) certificates. This illustrated photo is of our black belt rank recognition A3 & A4 certificates, the only two certificates that can be awarded to a budoka (Someone who practices Budo) who has recently joined the EBKMAA, or is from outside of our EBKMAA budo family.
Our Yudansha recognition award is a form of acknowledgement, a way to say we approve and accept the rank and their dedication to the arts of a fellow budoka.

All our EBKMAA certificates have been designed by, and are produced by me.

It is true to say that a certificate does not maketh the man or.women, however, it is especially nice when you are acknowledged for your achievements by respected budoka, and are awarded or presented with a quality certificate as a memento.

David Wilson, Hanshi.


Senior Dojo Instructors Area

We now have a private Dojo Instructors area, All our EBKMAA products have been moved there as the majority of our products can only be purchased by the dojo instructors.

I have emailed all the dojo instructors inviting them to register for access to this private area, however, the downside is you will need a Google (Gmail) address to log in to our private area. 

If you do not have a Gmail email address, it is very easy to sign up for a Google account, and it is free.

You may receive two emails from the site, my apologies for this, many of the dojo instructors have also been invited as "Authors" which will allow them to add their own posts.

The first invitation invited you as a "Reader", a reader has access to this private area but cannot add posts on the main page, I  have since changed the setting to Private - Only blog authors 

This is the important one
The second invitation invited you as an "Author", an author may read posts, add and edit their own posts, and add photos.

Click to enlarge photo

Your email invitation will look like this.
see photo

My apologies if this sounds confusing, I got a bit confused myself while setting up the private area.

Do not have a Google Account, click here, it only takes a minute or two to set up your new Gmail email address.



Dutch Open Wado-Ryu Karate Final

An old video sent to me by Merlijn Wartena Sensei, a perfectly executed Ushiro Ura Mawashi Geri, performed by Merlijn Sensei at the Dutch Open Wado-Ryu Karate competition when he was in his early twenties.

IPPON Sensei Merlijn.


Escape & Counter From Choke/Strangle


A fly on the wall video showing David Wilson demonstrating and talking two of his students through an escape from a choke or strangle.

Escape From Grab Using Finger Lock.

Escape from lapel grab or chest push using a low kick to the tibia and finger locks.

In general, it takes an impact of 218 pounds (98kg) to fracture/break the tibia, this is reduced by using a smaller surface area to impact on the bone. However, with your opponent advancing and you kicking with focus and power this is very achievable even with the flat of your foot, the finer art is to control your kick to annul the attack, unbalance, and take control of your attacker.



Trust, Are you being a good Uke or Tori?.

During our training, there are certain roles we play in order to safely practice. We call these roles, Uke and Tori. The Tori is the "defender" or the person who successfully completes the technique. The Uke is the "receiver" or the person who usually initiates the attack and receives the throw, pin or lock. Sometimes the Uke is referred to as the "attacker" however, this is not accurate. In some cases, the Tori may initiate the attack or first more, the Uke counters and the Tori completes the defence technique. There is an art to being a good Uke and Tori. There is an important relationship between the two partners. If one partner doesn't perform their technique properly, with enthusiasm and in the correct way it could take away from the lesson or possibly even lead to injury. 

 Are you being a good Uke or Tori?. 

 In this video, I demonstrate one of our trust tests. 

 David Wilson Hanshi.


Osu, The Ultimate Utility Word.

Hanshi's viewpoint.

Etiquette Two of the things that most annoy me in martial art 1: Misuse, overuse of the term "Osu". 2: Crossing your arms or putting your hands on your hips. To do so is traditionally considered belligerent behaviour or a challenge, it also leaves you vulnerable to attack as a person could strike you before you could unfold your arms to defend.
It is not my place to tell people how to run their dojo, this is simply me expressing my opinions and occasionally sharing articles which I happen to agree with.


It is the ultimate utility word for many martial artists!
Insanely useful.
As all of my students throughout my many years of teaching are aware, the overuse of the term OSU in and out of the dojo makes me cringe, this is especially noticeable outside the dojo and during training in the air/water arts.

The term OSU, (spoken as OSS), is a commonly used word within the martial arts that tends to have a multiple positive/affirmative meanings in various ways but sadly it is that badly misunderstood and that badly misused on a never-ending daily basis these days that it is truly a joke thanks to both students and teachers alike who use this term totally incorrectly most of the time without even realising it.
Without going into the technical history and detail about this term, that is used mainly within the Japanese martial arts take note, there are only two basic things to understand about this so-called catch all term that people think can be used to say yes, fine, understood and so on and that is – 1 – never say OSU to a woman,simple as that and 2, never say it to a higher graded teacher.
Many people fail to realise that it is a command word so as a matter of formal, and also, polite etiquette a student cannot say it to an older person, someone of higher rank or a teacher. In addition to its meaning, it was also never meant to be used in public, outside of the Dojo, while socialising or relentlessly being used after every other single word in a sentence. Bottom line – stop overusing it all the time and stop saying Osu to a senior-aged person or teacher as that does not mean yes, well done or whatever but is in fact, as already stated, something of an aggressive command term that is said after giving instructions to someone younger than yourself or of a lower rank. Or to put it another way – as I am higher in rank, a martial art teacher and also older than you, (Based on the assumption that the reader of this is younger than myself or maybe lower in rank)
Stop doing that word to death – OSU’.
There you go – instruction given and followed by the command term to enforce that instruction.
Does all that make sense to you now?.
A final word, if your instructor demands “Osu!” – go ahead and say it. Because it would be disrespectful to not say it, at the end of the day, that’s what matters. right!.

Yours in Budo
Wilson, Hanshi.

Bushin Kenpo Jiu Jitsu

Combinatie van Dirkjan Brouwer en Erik Knops, 
uitgevoerd door Chris Pronk en Boaz Varkevisser.


Freestyle Bo Training with David Wilson.

Highlights from David Wilson's session on our Bushin Kenpo Kai Bo course on the 10th March 2018.

Bo Kata with Stuart Rogers.

Highlights from Stuart Rogers teaching session on our Bushin Kenpo Kai Bo Course in March 2018.


Stuart Rogers - Bo Kata.

A short video showing Stuart Rogers demonstrating a Bo Kata (long staff form)


Counter Throws in Bushin Kenpo

In this video, David Wilson is demonstrating counter throws when a throw goes wrong.

  1. Starting with Hane Goshi, which is counted by the Uke bending his knees, David counters with Harai Goshi
  2. While attempting Harai Goshi, Uke opens his legs to counter the throw, David counters with inner thigh throw, Uchi Mata.
  3. Uke lowers his centre of gravity to counter all 3 throws, David counter with Fumikomi Goshi, stamping throw.


Grading and Promotion Guidelines

I have added a new page to the navigation bar entitled "Academy Guidelines". 

Guidelines should not be considered as hurdles or barriers, they are put in place to protect our members and the integrity of the academy,


All dojo/clubs within the EBKMAA are free to grade and promote their kyu and Dan grades in their individual styles without interference from the academy, however, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. 

Yudansha (black belts) must grade on time requirement and within reason, must be active within their style and the academy during that time. The minimum time requirement between their gradings is set by the number of their next grade.

  • 1st to 2nd Dan = 2 years.
  • 2nd to 3rd Dan = 3 years

The budoka must take part in an exam (grading) up to the rank of 5th Dan, an exception to this is if the budoka is over the age of 45 but can demonstrate the skills required by assessment in teaching and training over a reasonable length of time., the length of time is at the discretion of the instructor.

All promotions above 5th dan are on time served and active participation within the arts and the academy.

Yudansha from the rank of 1st to 7th dan may grade and promote budoka up to two grades below their grade. From 8th dan upwards the Yudansha may promote budoka up to their own rank.

Honorary grades can only be sanctioned by the head of the academy.

Guidelines For The Issue Of Yudansha Promotion Certificates.

This post is to clear up any confusion in regard to the issue of our EBKMAA Yudansha (black belt) promotion certificates and grade ratification certificates.

These A3 or A4 certificates are an internal promotion certificate and will only be issued to full EBKMAA members.

Yudansha grade ratification certificates may be requested and issued to associate non-members who are known to our senior Yudansha. Ratification means the EBKMAA acknowledges an individual rank within their style, it is not promotion.

Only full EBKMAA members are eligible for promotion within the academy.

So, in conclusion, if you are not a member and added to our Yudansha list, we will not sanction promotion kyu or dan grade.

The UK Yudansha list is up to date unless the Norfolk dojo has any black belt members to add, however, the Dutch Yudansha list may not be, please check the list and notify me if there is anyone missing that needs adding, or anyone that should be removed. 

From January 2020, any new Yudansha member will have their joining date added next to their name, the new member will not be considered for grading or promotion for one year, they will only be eligible for grade ratification, so it is imperative that the dojo instructors keep me up to date on new members so as I can add them to the list.

Guidelines should not be considered hurdles or barriers, they are put in place to protect our members and the integrity of the academy

I hope this is clear, if not, please do not hesitate in contacting me with any questions.

Yours in Budo
Wilson, Hanshi.

Bushin Kenpo Techniek December 2019

Hierbij een training met sensei's Willem Vooijs, Piet Kuijt en Gertjan Brouwer.

Bushin Kenpo Jeugd 14-12-2019

Hierbij weer een stukje uit de les van vandaag.


7th Dan Promotion Announcement.

Stuart with David Wilson, 10th Dan.

I am proud to announce that my long-time student and friend Stuart Rogers was promoted to 7th Dan on Thursday 12th December 2019. An informal presentation after the close of the Bushin Kenpo Kai dojo for the Christmas break with two of our most loyal and dedicated Bushin Kenpo Yudansha.

Stuart with Colin McDonnell, 4th Dan

Congratulation Stuart, you have proved yourself to be a  loyal and dedicated student and  instructor over many years

Stuart with Dave Walsh, 3rd Dan

A personal note
A very proud moment for me, awarding my long-time trusted student and friend his 7th-degree black belt. I find it surreal that I have been teaching Stuart for over 30 years, can I really be that old!. I became his instructor when he was a young 3rd Kyu in JuJitsu and worked him to death both physically and mentally, he is one of the last of the old school, with an old school instructor. Stuart is an exceptional martial arts instructor who has made me feel really proud over these many years.

Many people have entered my dojo, few could stay the course., this gentleman is one of the few.

David Wilson, 10th Dan
Founder: Bushin Kenpo Martial Arts System


Bushin Kenpo Kai Dojo Christmas Break

Tonight (12/12/2019) is the last training session of 2019 at the Bushin Kenpo Kai dojo in Kent, classes recommence on Thursday 9th January 2020.

Yours in Budo
Wilson, Hanshi.


Nieuwe gegradueerde en laatste kyu examen 2019

Click photo to enlarge

Op de valreep hebben we Peter Arnoldus ook nog zijn certificaat kunnen overhandigen en Renske Verloop mocht ook nog even een examen afleggen voor haar 3e Kyu.
Budogym weer trots op zo veel inzet van de leden, toppie.

Bushin Kenpo Jeugd 12-2019

Impressie van een oefening bij de jeugd van Bushin Kenpo Judo bij Budogym.


New Page.

I have added a new page entitled "Yudansha". I have updated the UK EBKMAA members, however, the Dutch list is out of date. Please, could one of the Budogym senior instructors check this list and advise me of updates. Note, only full EBKMAA members are to be added to this list.


Forwarded Message

A message  I received via the website contact form that I thought I would share.

"Dag Budogym en EBKMAA leden! Iedereen alvast een fijne kerst en een goed 
nieuw jaar! tot in 2020! groetjes Merlijn."


2020 Event News


Our members at Budogym have offered to host the 2020 Furenzu Budo seminar in the Netherlands.

The date will be decided in the new year, and seminar information will follow thereafter. 

For those that do not know, Furenzu in Japanese means friends or friendship, friendship is what our events are all about on and off the tatami (mat).

Yours in Budo
David Wilson, Hanshi.


Bushin Kenpo 6th Kyu Syllabus

Bushin Kenpo Kai

David Wilson demonstrating some of the techniques and movements from our Bushin Kenpo 6th Kyu (yellow belt) syllabus. Ukemi and Ogoshi are missing from this video series.

These videos were recorded in 2016 and previously only available on Vimeo Videos on Demand (pay to view).

Copyright © Bushin Kenpo Kai. All rights reserved.


Technique: Unsoku

Bushin Kenpo Kai

Unsoku is the foundation of Bushin Kenpo. Unsoku means footwork, but as with anything in martial arts, there’s a lot more to it than that.

The footwork that makes up unsoku in Bushin Kenpo is what allows the techniques to be effective, it facilitates the movements. However, we have to be careful not to create a false separation between unsoku and technique. In application, they are functionally linked, and this is one of the things that makes Bushin Kenpo a formidable personal protection system.

Technique: Shiho-Nage

Bushin Kenpo Kai

A demonstration of how we perform omote Shihonage in Bushin Kenpo. This technique is also part of Aikido Randori-No kata.

Instructor: David Wilson
Assistant (Uke): Colin McDonnell


Waki Gatame (Armbar)

Waki Gatame Armbar in Bushin Kenpo. 

Instructor, David Wilson. Uke, Dave Walsh.
Recorded at Bushin Kenpo Kai Dojo, Kent, England

Site Updates: Labels Explained

Dear Members & Visitors,

This site now has a "Labels" box on the right sidebar. Labels simply explained is putting main wall posts into categories.

Click on photo to enlarge

You will see be the photo and the labels box that there are several labels/categories added, the idea behind this is so as you do not have to scroll through endless posts looking for one that may be relevant to you, or of interest to you. Some posts may be placed in two or more labels, for example, there may be posts that are relevant to members from several countries, either way, all posts can be found on the main wall (Homepage).

Gegradueerden bij Budogym

In 2019 zijn verschillende leden van Budogym gegradueerd, zij moesten alleen nog hun diploma in ontvangst nemen.
Vrijdag 29 november en maandag 2 december hebben de uitreikingen van hun bijbehorende diploma plaatsgevonden, alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd Gerrit van der Plas, Gertjan Brouwer, Peter Baeten, Bram van der Plas en Willem van Duijvenvoorde.

Techniques: Counters to Shomen Ate.


David Wilson & Colin McDonnell
Filmed at the Bushin Kenpo Kai Dojo

Action speaks louder than words. We spent much of this lesson working on "Aiki", avoidance & redirection of force followed by joint locks and strikes. This clip shows just two of the movements and techniques studied during our two-hour session. All the counter-movements and techniques were counters to shomen-ate. Shomen means front and ate means striking.


Furenzu Budo Gathering 2019

Photos from our 2019 EBKMAA International Furenzu Gathering, hosted by Budogym in Katwijk, Netherlands.

Click photos to enlarge

Amended to Membership

To save confusion, I had amended our membership details.


We are a proactive academy who share knowledge, train, and socialise together, therefore, membership will only be considered from dojo or associations within the following countries.

Western Europe, United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland,  Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Individual membership will only be granted to budoka who are known and sanctioned by our senior Yudansha (5th Dan and above).

I would also like to clarify who is eligible for our "Rank Recognition Certificate.

The rank recognition certificate is aimed at recognising the rank of dedicated martial artists who are either joining us or are known to us by association.

Yours in Budo

David Wilson, Hanshi.

Voor de Nederlandse vrienden

Welkom op de nieuwe site, voor onze Nederlandse vrienden, als je een evenement wil delen of andere  informatie.
Dan kan dat ook via budogym.katwijk@gmail.com zodat we dit eventueel met foto's voor jullie kunnen plaatsen.

Iedereen alvast fijne kerstdagen en een vooral gezond 2020

Met sportieve groet,
uit het altijd zonnige Katwijk,
Gijs Zuijderduijn


Two New Authors Added

I have added myself as an author, and have also sent our Dutch members (Budogym) a request to become an author.

Authors have permission to post news, and photos on our homepage, this saves them having to send information to me for inclusion on this site. 

Yours in Budo
David Wilson, Hanshi.