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The last in a set of ten EBKMAA Yudansha (senior martial artist) certificates. This illustrated photo is of our black belt rank recognition A3 & A4 certificates, the only two certificates that can be awarded to a budoka (Someone who practices Budo) who has recently joined the EBKMAA, or is from outside of our EBKMAA budo family.
Our Yudansha recognition award is a form of acknowledgement, a way to say we approve and accept the rank and their dedication to the arts of a fellow budoka.

All our EBKMAA certificates have been designed by, and are produced by me.

It is true to say that a certificate does not maketh the man or.women, however, it is especially nice when you are acknowledged for your achievements by respected budoka, and are awarded or presented with a quality certificate as a memento.

David Wilson, Hanshi.

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