New Page.

I have added a new page entitled "Yudansha". I have updated the UK EBKMAA members, however, the Dutch list is out of date. Please, could one of the Budogym senior instructors check this list and advise me of updates. Note, only full EBKMAA members are to be added to this list.


budogymkatwijk said...

Hoi David i will look after it this weekend

Admin said...

Dank je, Gijs.

budogymkatwijk said...

Hoi David, I had spoken with Piet and Willem, you are free in which members you want to added ad the Yudansha list, this week I have made an updated, so you can remove Bas Berg and Thijs Haasnoot, they are not langer part of our dojo.

Have a nice weekend David