Guidelines For The Issue Of Yudansha Promotion Certificates.

This post is to clear up any confusion in regard to the issue of our EBKMAA Yudansha (black belt) promotion certificates and grade ratification certificates.

These A3 or A4 certificates are an internal promotion certificate and will only be issued to full EBKMAA members.

Yudansha grade ratification certificates may be requested and issued to associate non-members who are known to our senior Yudansha. Ratification means the EBKMAA acknowledges an individual rank within their style, it is not promotion.

Only full EBKMAA members are eligible for promotion within the academy.

So, in conclusion, if you are not a member and added to our Yudansha list, we will not sanction promotion kyu or dan grade.

The UK Yudansha list is up to date unless the Norfolk dojo has any black belt members to add, however, the Dutch Yudansha list may not be, please check the list and notify me if there is anyone missing that needs adding, or anyone that should be removed. 

From January 2020, any new Yudansha member will have their joining date added next to their name, the new member will not be considered for grading or promotion for one year, they will only be eligible for grade ratification, so it is imperative that the dojo instructors keep me up to date on new members so as I can add them to the list.

Guidelines should not be considered hurdles or barriers, they are put in place to protect our members and the integrity of the academy

I hope this is clear, if not, please do not hesitate in contacting me with any questions.

Yours in Budo
Wilson, Hanshi.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good 👌🏻
Colin McDonnell

Admin said...

Just protecting the integrity of the academy, Col.

Gertjan Brouwer said...

Clear guidelines and a good way forward.

Admin said...

Thank you, Gertjan. These have always been the guidelines for promotion and grading but it was about time I put them into writing so as there could be no misunderstanding in the future.