Trust, Are you being a good Uke or Tori?.

During our training, there are certain roles we play in order to safely practice. We call these roles, Uke and Tori. The Tori is the "defender" or the person who successfully completes the technique. The Uke is the "receiver" or the person who usually initiates the attack and receives the throw, pin or lock. Sometimes the Uke is referred to as the "attacker" however, this is not accurate. In some cases, the Tori may initiate the attack or first more, the Uke counters and the Tori completes the defence technique. There is an art to being a good Uke and Tori. There is an important relationship between the two partners. If one partner doesn't perform their technique properly, with enthusiasm and in the correct way it could take away from the lesson or possibly even lead to injury. 

 Are you being a good Uke or Tori?. 

 In this video, I demonstrate one of our trust tests. 

 David Wilson Hanshi.

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