1. Badges & licence books.
  2. Documents added to Labels/Categories.
  3. Updated Yudansha List

Badges/Licence Books Update:

Just a quick update. Our new EBKMAA embroidered badges are in production and should be available shortly. The new licence book front cover has been proof check, the book will have a hardback black leatherette type front and back cover, the text and image are in gold leaf. The layout of the internal pages is much the same as our BKMAA licence book, however, EBKMAA has replaced any BKMAA text. Our new licence books should be available from the end of January.


I have added a "Documents/Downloads" box to our sidebar, this will allow our members and interested parties to view, download, and print useful information in relation to our academy.

Yudansha List

I have redesigned the layout of our Yudansha list, this is now available for download via our "Documents" link, and via a scroll down pdf embedded in our Yudansha page, obviously, I have the list saved to file for future updating as there are several gradings, assessments, and time in active service promotions taking place in 2021. 

We are a driven budo academy, 2020 will be a very active year.

Yours in Budo
David Wilson, Hanshi.

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