Membership Details

Joining Us

We are a driven academy who share knowledge, train and socialise together, therefore, membership will only be considered from dojo or associations within the following countries.

Western Europe. United Kingdom, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany,  Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Individual membership will only be granted to budoka who are known and sanctioned by our senior Yudansha (5th Dan and above).

EBKMAA licence book. This is a very versatile book which allows for the entry of rank advancement in various styles be they Japanese, Chinese, Korean, in fact, any style studied. There are 26 internal pages. All members are required to purchase a EBKMAA licence book, there is a modest one-time payment of £7 (approximately 9€) per licence book. (adult/child.)

Breakdown of Membership Costs...
  • Mainland Europe: Licence Book & Membership Slip is 9€  (one-time payment).
  • United Kingdom: Licence book £7, annual member to member insurance £5.  
  • After initial membership, the UK annual fee is £5 for member to member insurance.


All members will receive a membership slip when purchasing their licence book, this is a membership only slip for members in mainland Europe. 

United Kingdom members will also require member to member insurance at a cost of £5 per year. Requests for membership or renewal should be sent monthly via email.  All UK members will receive a new membership/insurance slip each year.

Instructors Public & Product Liability Insurance (UK Only)

Purchase of Instructor Cover through the EBKMAA is not Compulsory to be a Member  (but we will request a scanned copy of the Principle Instructors cover for our records). All  Instructors/ Assistant Instructors in the United Kingdom must hold current and valid Instructors Indemnity Insurance to teach in any capacity. Policies generally come in three amounts: 2 million, 5 million, and 10 million.

Depending on where you teach may depend on the type of cover you need, but 5 million generally covers the majority of Instructors (some local authorities and councils require that a minimum 5 million cover is in place before you can rent space from them etc.

From April 2015 it is a requirement that instructors within the United Kingdom must personally take out or renew their Public and Products Liability insurance. If you wish to take out Instructors Indemnity Insurance (known as martial arts instructors insurance) follow the link below.

Towergate Instructors Insurance